It’s all in the compromise dahling!

What do you mean?


Just talk to him. I’m sure things will go fine. If not, Auntie Linz can always argue for you :P

I know. I think he’s more concerned about money though, so I might just turn it into two trips; one this fall, and another in the spring time.


I’ve barely eaten the past couple of days, so I could probably do that. So yes - lets do it. Team Jariel.

Girl, you need to eat! Haha, yes. Team Jariel.


Good! Now I won’t be sad on that day.

So yes - hangout. We should definitely do that. Like have an adventure in the mall and eat the entire food court or go to the movies.

Awesome! Don’t know if I’ll be much help with the food court. Still working on getting my appetite back. It’s your day though, so we’ll do whatever you want.


Good. So I won’t be missing you on my birthday in October then.

Me miss my best friend’s birthday? That’s a crime against humanity and basically a sin. I would never!


A little less than a month, right. Hanging out will be a thing. When are you getting back, Trippy?

A week after that. I’m only spending a few days out there. Then I’m back here working in my favorite diner and making videos.


So does this mean I get to hang out with you a few times before you leave to Australia? I’m greedy with Jared time now.

Yes you do. I’m leaving a week after my birthday, so you’ve got a little less than a month, Dawson.


It’s the same vice versa, Jared. Silly nugget. 

Okay, okay. I get you.


Anonymous asked: You and Ariel are so - ugh. Adorable. Please get back to together at some point. #jariel

You think so? Okay, I’ll think about it.


I’m used to it. Just - let me know okay? I know you would do the same. Infact, you have.

Yeah, but you shouldn’t be. I promise to let you know. I can’t help it. I don’t want to see you hurt. You mean a lot to me.


Anonymous asked: heard you're gonna travel. how do you get money for that? was it illegal? did you get money for that video posted online? ;)

Ew, sicko! I did not get money for that video, nor would I want to! I’ve had a job in a diner for a while. I worked when I could and the tips are great, so I’ve been saving. I wouldn’t do something illegal for money. I mean, have you met me?!


Exactly. The though of that happening to you makes me upset. And I need to be a better friend… since I couldn’t be a good girlfriend. Unless you’ve forgotten, I get bullied and humiliated wherever I walk. It’s numb now.

I never said you weren’t a good friend…or girlfriend. I know you do, and it’s stupid. Some people are just so ridiculous.


I’m a Dawson, I can be tough when it comes to the people I care about. I don’t want you to get bruised again, Jarebear.

You may be a Dawson, but I’d still prefer I get hurt over you. I’ve already been assaulted, tortured, humiliated, and threatened. What’s the worst they can do? Slowly torture me to death? I just don’t need you getting hurt.



i personally like that they’re both similar enough to the point where they have responses for everything. 

Haha, they do. They’re like the same person almost. They could argue forever.


Let me know if that starts back up ever again, yeah? I don’t mind kicking any butt for you.

I’d rather you stay safe. I can handle it. I may get a few scars, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve been bruised before.